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My blog comprises of all the experiments in my kitchen with various recipes involving spices, flavors, ingredients, methods etc, and those dishes fill our growling tummies with ever changing tastebuds.

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5 Ingredients Breakfast | Smoothie Bowl | Breakfast Recipes

Smoothie Bowl is a new trend in healthy eating and is a popular breakfast dish from a couple of years now and still trending with various dimensions to the smoothie bowl as well as the ingredients used. My recipe is a great combination of ingredients that can help satisfy your morning hunger pangs and fulfill most of your nutritional requirement in the morning or you may enjoy anytime of the day.


1/2 - Avocado (Large Size)

1 - Whole Apple (Sliced)

2 cups - Mixed Berries (Frozen or Fresh)

1 Tbsp - Goji Berry Powder or Maqui Powder

1/2 cup - Almond Milk or Flax Milk (Cold, you may use any milk of your choice)


1. In a Blender or a Food Processor add all the smoothie ingredients and blend. If you like your smoothie as a drink you may add water to liquify your smoothie or if you like thicker smoothie add less milk.

2. Once the Smoothie blends and thickens add them into your favorite bowl and top it with nuts, seeds, syrup, cacao nibs or not.

3. Enjoy your Smoothie bowl.

Toppings are optional . Use as per your liking, you may use one or the other or as many :) I have listed some of my Favorite Toppings.

1 Tbsp - Chia Seeds

1 Tbsp - Raw Cacao Nibs

1 Tbsp - Hemp Seeds

1 Tbsp - Date Syrup

1 Tbsp - Mixed Nuts

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